Drew Taylor
Creative Services
 Actor, Photographer, Writer/Editor, Filmmaker, Eclectic Artist

For the love of art

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  1. Ants
    Crack in the sidewalk.
  2. Spring
  3. Heavy rain
    Heavy rain
    Parking lot pool
  4. Oil on the street
  5. Reflection
  6. Dew on grass blade.

Open Exhibitions

  1. Beauty in decay
    Finding unexpected beauty is part of seeing beyond expectations. Nature is a super model in all seasons, but sometimes the crossover of pollution and pristine makes for colourful contrasts.
  2. Above and Below
    Degrees in filmmaking, general studies and fine arts from Simon Fraser university on top of working construction and waiting tables prepped me for the film industry like few things could. I've worked in virtually every department and taken what I've learned into my own work.
  3. Elegant Pursuits
    Whatever is needed at the time. Editing, writing, photography, live performance, last year some ceramics for a little grounding.
  4. Brush and Ink
    Introducing my three year old to the medium as he expresses interest. I've started back to my doodling and look forward to having more space this year to set up some painting.
Over the Years
  1. First industry job out of university. Carpenter on The Lotus Eaters. Set up the art department and filled in for the Construction Coordinator. Award for highest chocolate consumption. Portrait by the director's wife.
  2. First Assistant Director job in the industry. Titanic. The mini-series. George C. Scott, Tim Curry, Catherine Zeta Jones, etc.
  3. Self portrait 2015.