Drew Taylor
Creative Services
 Actor, Photographer, Writer/Editor, Filmmaker, Eclectic Artist

I got my first camera as a young adult, took a summer job and shared a truck with a member of the Professional Photographers of British Columbia. Learned black and white photography and got my rolls of film developed for free. Developed a deep love of photography and expressing my love of nature.

Drew Taylor Gallery

  1. Robins at -27 degrees C
    Robins at -27 degrees C
    Running water is precious enough to risk showing up for a photo.
  2. New York December 26, 2017
    New York December 26, 2017
    Caught in traffic afforded this view.
  3. Flight
    Seagull on the hunt
  4. Individual
  5. Looking Up
    Looking Up
    Self Portrait Late Fall 2017
  6. River Gate
    River Gate
    Don River view to the footbridge through decrepit concrete barrier.

Poetry and longer works:
"Of all things that one does, examining what was,
Least affects what happens next,
Unless, of course, it does."

Earned three  degrees on my way to one of the first film degrees given at Simon Fraser University. Now I get to edit as well. Poetry, scripts, short stories, novellas, and novels.